CCW – Concealed Carry 50 State Guide App Reviews

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As one who travels all over America with a sidearm, I have recommended this app to many of my friends. Outstanding!

Great App....Finally

A must have especially if you travel. Quick, easy & informatve

Great source

Lots of great information, definitely worthwhile.

Great reference

Great app - frequently updated. Also has details on each states open carry laws.

Love this app!!!

This app has been a blessing in disguise. I have referred to it almost every week. Thanks!!!


Wow. Finally a simply & handy tool to not only understand laws in your state, but review laws in states youll be visiting. Fantastic, intuitive interface to educate yourself right at your fingertips!

THE go-to

With the impossibility of knowing each states nuances, this not only an excellent resource- its the only one to count on.

Dont Leave Home Without It

This is my go to conceal carry weapon permit reference, while traveling across the United States. I have other apps to reference to, however – this app is updated frequently and accurately! I dont leave home without it!

Could Use Updating

I like the app and it has provided me a lot of info and situational awareness about my own state (VA). I believe when new updates are posted we should know the source of the update and the info should be hyperlinked for ease of reviewing the new information with creditable source information. Thanks for your time.

Great app!!

This is a very useful app I recommend this to anybody that is thinking about getting a concealed carry permit.


This really gives you a broad picture of the differences in states. I view it regularly just so I can see the latest updates and revisions. If you are a concealed carry individual, you should download this app. Great job!


Excellent information. Always up to date. Must have for CCW holders. A+++

Does the job really well!

Stays up to date. Very responsive and stable app. Has all the info I need and more.

Forced review

If I didnt put this review, I would not have been able to get back into the app!

Great app

Very good and well executed app, as long as its kept up to date it is a very handy and informative way of checking your CPL laws quick and easy, happy to see something like this is available for quick reference, just be sure its up to date, I didnt notice any issues with this going over a number of states and the laws I am familiar with.

Inaccurate and sloppy

The disclaimer states the app developers are not responsible for changes to reciprocity that may occur periodically. However, in regard to the state of Illinois vs. many other states reciprocity there has been no change since IL adopted CCW, yet this app reports good "green" reciprocity in states like Utah......which is, has been, and likely will be completely false. Best bet if traveling, consult the specific states website.....relying on this app could get you in trouble.

The Best

Very helpful app. Highly recommend.


Great App- Well worth the $1.99. Nothing complicated their is the informations that you need and nothing else useless. App is updated as often as the laws change.

Great resource

Great resource for ccw information. Easy enough to use.

Love This App!!!

This app is one of the best and use it when I travel often. If you are looking for a perfect CCW app this is the one.

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