CCW – Concealed Carry 50 State Guide App Reviews

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User Friendly

If you have a permit or are considering getting one you owe it to yourself to get this app. Amazingly accurate with prompt updates so youre never in the dark about whats going on around you.

If you carry you need this app

Timely updates and quick easy access to the most current ever changing CCW laws. Get this app along with your permit. Keep up the good work!

A must have

Awesome app. Always updated with latest info. Worth a lot more than theyre charging for peace of mind and singular repository of essential information.

CCW wonderful!

I teach a CCW class and recommend this app to all my students. It is simple to us and provides a great amount of info.

Perfect app !!!!!!

A MUST for every gun owner that carries. Forget the other apps, this does it all. Free updates every couple of weeks or when an update for any of the fifty states rules change. Be informed and be safe.


Should be a required app for all CWP holders. Impressed with the information and the quick response from them with technical questions. Great customer service. Well done!

Best app I have

This is a must if you leave your home state wouldnt leave without it

CCW app. is Outstanding

This is a fast and accurate account of all 50 states gun laws with Constitutional Rights and your responsibility to obey. Us every time you leave your home state. Bill

Love the App, but

Every time I enter my license number, the app always deletes it. This always happens.

One person review

This app was recommended to me by my instructor, and I would recommend this app to anyone who has a concealed carry permit. It is the best two dollars I have ever spent. I have used this app for over a year and I am more convinced that everyone who is considering carrying concealed should have this app on their phone, no ifs ands or buts!

Must have for a concealed carry app

Very useful, its easy to operate! Love it

Excellent !

Professionally done. Out of all Ive seen I like the features of this one the most. Great customer support and regularly updated. (Monthly at least.) The best, just keeps getting better.

Best resource for concealed carry info

Very detailed information including material that cites the relevant statutes as well as providing links to other resources. Must have for people who carry interstate as well as people who just want to know the laws in their own state.

Great accurate tool.

Wonderful resource for the frequent armed flyer. Saves me hours of various state revised code research. Full links to official state codes for verification of app info. Keep up he great updates.

Best app on the market

By far the best CCW app I have seen. I have used this app for a few years now, just got around to remembering to rate it. Easiest user experience, and information is updated on a timely and frequent basis.

A Must Have if you travel!

Easy to use. Summary info for quick answers on limits, plus links to the laws themselves. May be the most valuable app I have.

Invaluable Tool for the Road!

I use this while traveling and it is excellent! Very easy to understand and very user friendly. Best CCW app in my opinion by far. 100% recommend!!

The best!

This app is much better than any CCW book you can buy online or in a gun store. Plus this app does updates to current CCW laws when they occur. Love this app. A must if you carry concealed.

Keeps me update

This app keeps me up to date on changes.

Cleared up a lot

I was not always comfortable when I would conceal carry. There were lots of things I wasnt sure about even after my concealed class. The app helped to educate me and to make things a much less murky. Great app!

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